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Jane Gallop will be delivering a talk at Stanford University on February 7th, 2017, titled "The Phallus and its Temporalities; Sexuality, Disability, and Aging."

Jane will be keynoting the "Aging Graz Conference" in Graz, Austria, on April 28, 11:30 am.
Check this website for more information:

Jane Gallop's new book project has received a contract with Duke University Press and has a tentative publication date of 2018.

Jane Gallop's contribution to the Age and/as Disability forum for Age, Culture, Humanities, titled "The View from Queer Theory," has been published in print and online, and is available here:

Jane Gallop has recently published an article in Feminist Formations: "The Twentieth-Century Orgasm," Feminist Formations, vol 28, no. 2 (summer 2016) {pp. 139-142].


Jane Gallop's book chapter, "The Work of Writing" was published in the edited collection The Future of Scholarly Writing, edited by Angelika Bammer and Ruth-Ellen Boetcher Joeres, Palgrave Macmillan, 2015, pp. 29-39.

Jane Gallop has three scheduled talks in the 2015-2016 academic year, which will be focused on her current book in progress: Click here to view .

Jane Gallop spoke on two panels at the annual meeting of the MLA in Vancouver, Canada in January 2015.


Gallop visited Turkey in November 2014 following the publication of the Turkish translation of Feminist Accused of Sexual Harassment, Cinsel Tacizle Suçlanan Feminist (Dipnot Yayinlari, 2013). The Turkish edition translated by Alev Özkazanç includes a new introduction by Gallop.

Jane Gallop contributes to online roundtable about Fifty Shades of Grey on Public Books. Read her response "Seducing the English Major" here


“Precocious Jouissance: Roland Barthes, Amatory Maladjustment, and Emotion” published in New Literary History themed "In the Mood," Volume 43, Number 3, Summer 2012.

Review of The Deaths of the Author by Tristan Deveney published in College Literature

Review of Gallop's The Deaths of the Author by Kathrine Yacavone published in The Modern Language Review

The Deaths of the Author reviewed on Lambda Literary